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SYNDICATE offers the complete content marketing solution.
A platform to access leading local content creators
and most diverse content offerings.


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SYNDICATE connects your audience needs,
business goals, and brand values into a
strategy for marketing success.

Turn your brand into a publisher.

Translate your marketing objectives into editorial experiences. SYNDICATE plays a matchmaker between the world’s leading brands, and talented content creators. We ensure your brand voice is always heard. We provide an extra layer of expertise for day-to-day publishing — curating articles and images, leading custom content brainstorms and assisting with story development and writer selection.


Run a content marketing program using SYNDICATE’s platform. Create your campaign brief and receive proposals from our network of content creators.

Extensive content

Commission articles, blog posts, social media posts, infographics, and videos from our creators’ network. Browse and license articles from leading publishers through SYNDICATE’s Content Marketplace.

Social Distribution

Reach more audience through our social distribution channels, amplify your content reach to over 20M+ Malaysian digital audience.