Consumers crave content! Nielsen’s 2014 study revealed that 85 of consumers regularly or occasionally seek
out trusted third-party content – articles BOE reviews written by credible journalists and publications – when
considering a purchase. Today’s top marketers know they need to drastically grow their content production
capabilities to execute a diversified content creation strategy that effectively attracts, engages, and sustainT

While most marketers are familiar with the value of original content, many ask us about the benefits and usecases
of licensed content. We’ve outlined the key benefits of licensed content and the results industry-leading
companies are realizing with NewsCred’s licensed content.

Key Benefits of Licensed Content

Scale Your Marketing With Quality Content
Licensed content gives brands the right to publish full-text articles, images and videos from premium publications

  • Get the quality, depth and breadth of content you need through NewsCred’s licensed content from 5,000
    publications spanning 160K topics, 19 verticals, 76 countries, and five languages.
  • Increase your publishing volume and cadence wJUI NewsCred’s 40M full-text articles and images.
  • Access beautiful stock, editorial and UGC images and the most extensive image licensing rights.
  • Ensure legal compliance through NewsCred’s exclusive licensing agreements that provide the legal right to
    syndicate full-text content.

Increase Traffic, Engagement, and Conversions
Licensed content drives an immediate ROI exponentially more site traffic, qualified leads, search engine
visibility, and conversions.

  • Drive more trafc back to your site by hosting full-text articles, images and videos directly on your website.
  • Increase time on site and conversions with readily available engaging articles, compelling videos, and
    stunning images.

Build Your Brand’s Organic Reach
Licensed content not only helps brands scale but it can also improve search traffic.

  • Increase your Facebook page’s organic reach by publishing more links on Facebook: A recent study by
    Locowise revealed that links drove 2x more organic reach than video and 2.6x more organic reach than textonly
  • Increase your website’s search trafc by publishing more frequently, capitalizing on real-time access to SEOfriendly
    trending content, and increasing the number of times your page is shared on social channels.